We have recently completed a Mains distribution upgrade

Along with warehouse production test area electrical installation

The works incorporated a new 630amp Crabtree panel board along with metering to comply with building regulations part L2b

Mains distribution upgrade






Works comprised of the following;

Design and light calculations

Provision of design drawings for client approval

Existing main sub main cable re connected to new 630amp panel board

Reconnection of the existing mains distribution equipment and supply and installation of a new 125 amp three phase panel board.

Cable tray containment system to enable SWA and FP200 cable types to be installed

New LED lighting to core staff areas

New test panel and connections to equipment to be tested.

Supplies for welding machines single and three phase

External Led flood lights and low level emergency exit illumination

Installation of a new bi wire fire alarm system comprising of smoke and heat detection along with call points and sounder beacons

Test panel electrical Mahine electrical supplies