St Gabriels Church in Popley. Basingstoke is completed and handed over 

St Gabriels Church installtion

T & W Electrical have designed and installed both the Electrical and Mechanical systems for St Gabriels Church

This is known within the church as  Project G 

The St Gabriel’s church extension story has been published in the Basingstoke Gazette as the link below

External link to Basingstoke Gazette 


St Gabriel's church Building works  

A couple of Images of the extended areas and mechanical installation commencing in the toilet areas.

We have developed coordinated drawings and installed all systems to these layouts.

New lighting and small power has been provided along with a new addressable fire alarm system 

Mains distribution has been upgraded to meet the current regulations  

Full heating controls have been added to make the building as flexible as possible for the client 

A new plant room incorporates new heating equipment 

Radiators are new Low surface temperature (LST) units so occupants are safe and the ascetics aren’t compromised by radiators and cages. 

Pipework has been routed in the screed to remove ceiling to floor pipe drops having to be boxed in to shield hot pipes from occupants. 

Mechanical heating system

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External Link to St Gabriels church website

External Link to St Gabriels church Time Lapse build cameras on You Tube